About Us

A journey in change

When Jennifer Thomas (JT) and Richard Hayler met in 1992 they had no way of knowing what their future held for them.

By 2011 the longtime friends had experienced profound changes in their lives and conversations turned to collaboration.

It was during one of those conversations that the idea of The Songbird Society evolved.The name of the salon grew from several elements. Both JT and Richard felt that it was new beginnings and as they considered what this meant to them they began writing words down. Gradually the words took on meaning.

JT and Richard had created salons before and had a very definite idea of what they wanted this time around.

As JT says “We knew we wanted a very inclusive environment. We also knew that, as an employer, we needed to remain nimble and receptive to the changing needs of staff. We also wanted to create a space that nurtured individuality yet contributed to a larger purpose,”

Ultimately they arrived at The Songbird Society.

To them it represents new beginnings, the dawning of a new day and the birdsong that accompanies it.

And The Society? “That’s all of us,” says Richard, “I think of The Society as everyone that has been or is on this journey with us.”